(Vintage Harley Davidson Tee and Vintage Belt, Ksubi Albuquerque Cutoffs, Steve Maden Lanii Pony Hair Flats, Kontraho 'Prism' Necklace, UO Sunglasses)  

The stifling valley heat and our broken car AC are making for some incredibly trying living conditions in LA at the moment. We have been surviving the heat by hiding out indoors and getting the bulk of our outdoor tasks done in the early morning. This vintage tee and cutoff combo is my go to for hanging around the house and running errands as it is has the perfect sun protection to breatheability ratio (unfortunately this is what my sartorial choices are boiling down to this week). Fingers crossed the weather will cool so I can start living the fall-dream that everyone else in the northern hemisphere has begun to enjoy.  



In between castings last week I found a few hours to pay a little visit to my favourite store on Beverly Blvd in Beverly Hills - Sandro Paris. Although I looked at quite a few colourful pieces on sale, I wasn't swayed, as I have come to realise that I am far more of a monochrome girl than anything else.  

This spring I have really tried to inject a few pops of colour into my wardrobe but as the weather is cooling (just kidding it's still overwhelmingly hot in LA) my desire to simplify and retreat back into my - primarily black and white - staple wardrobe is returning. In my opinion there is just something so effortless and chic about wearing black and white and all shades of grey that lie in between and lets face it, monochrome makes getting dressed in the morning a whole lot easier.

On that note I will mention that I am still searching for the perfect chunky, oversized and preferably waffle knit or cashmere camel cardigan. I am also predicting that once again navy and white striped clothing will be pretty prominent in my fall closet as it seems to be the perfect trans-seasonal print to break up the black and white.  



 (Ksubi Albuquerque Cutoffs in Heyday Meyday , Zara Tank Top, Pour la Victoirie 'Cailey' Sandals, UO Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses, Zara Messenger Bag, Cotton On L/S Shirt (Similar).   

The start of September officially marks the first year anniversary of my being based in Los Angeles and it would seem that I am finally coming to terms with dressing like a Southern Californian!

I would say that its typical that I have finally worked out my ultimate LA summer uniform just as it is getting into fall but lets be real; thanks to the brilliant weather here in SOCAL, I am going to be wearing much the same thing for the next few months anyway. Doubled up denim seems perfect for the climate here as well as dealing with my #firstworldproblems - Farmer tan on the left side of my body as a result of driving with the window rolled down (thanks broken car AC for that one.) Cutoffs keep it cool while the button down stops me from burning to a crisp. I've also been loving these sunglasses from Urban Outfitters as they are the perfect lightweight and inexpensive pair to throw into your bag on the way to the beach.

On another note anyone looking for something to do in LA should consider heading to the Getty Centre. Picnic in the gardens + wandering the gallery = a pretty sweet day out. 



A casual look for an early morning ride on the Buell to Jinky's cafe for breakfast. Nothing says 'it's the weekend' more than soft oversized knits, skinny jeans and overpriced buttermilk pancakes. This sweater is my current favourite for the slightly cooler fog-tember mornings in LA, enjoyed here with my favourite olive green coated jeans from last season.   



(Reformation Jumpsuit, Dotti T-Shirt, Cotton on Chambray Shirt, Zara Spiked Espadrilles and Messenger Bag, Kontraho Necklace, UO Sunglasses.) 

This jumpsuit perfectly complimented my labor day monday spent at Laguna Beach. We spent the afternoon wandering the quaint streets and promenades, having cocktails by the sea and relaxing in the sun i.e. my idea of the ultimate day off. In other news I am realising that my dependance on this bag/sunglasses combo is getting out of control so I will definitely be in the market for a new cross body bag in the near future. Here in Cali it just seems to be getting hotter and hotter and fall seems further away than ever but I can't wait to start layering again! Bring on the winter, I say! I hope everyone had a lovely labor day in the US.