(Loft Shirt (similar), Vintage Lee Shorts from the Pasadena Rose Bowl, Vintage Belt, Forever 21 Sandals)  

Sometimes you need to get a little perspective in order to properly define and visualise your goals. After two and a half years of living in LA, I think it's fair enough to say that I was desperately in need of a change when I came to the midwest in June. Although LA has truly become my home, it can be nauseating after a while and despite the self-obsessed and ego driven nature of the city, it has ironically caused me to forget who I am. I guess that the city isn't to blame, but when you are still unsure of who you are, I think LA makes it easier to become trapped in a bubble of self-absorption and caught up in the seemingly grandiose narratives of other peoples lives. 
The mid-west feels so far removed from all of the above that I feel as if I can breathe again for the first time (not to mention that the air to the north of Chicago actually is cleaner than LA air!) This break and working in a different town with a new agency has reminded me of the girl I once was in Australia and all of the things that she valued and wanted to work towards. I feel invigorated, passionate and creative once again. Hopefully I can get back to my former self to help me in re-evaluating the way that I live my life when I get back to LA next month. Being around such genuine and inspiring people here in Chicago, has made me feel so much love and gratitude for all the people who I am so lucky to have in my life, including my loving and supportive family back in Australia. 

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