Photographer: Yves Huy Truong 
Makeup Artist: Kay Wamser 

With summer just around the corner, the skyrocketing temperatures and sunny days have me turning my sartorial attention to Swimsuits/Bathers/Togs (whatever you call them in your corner of the world) and the many hours I plan to spend wearing them in the sun, salt and sand. 

As an Aussie girl who was never more than an hour from the beach (at most) during my childhood, summer recalls memories of sunburn, beach barbecues, cool juicy watermelon and iced water full of mint leaves and lemon slices. In retrospect I definitely took the amazingly beautiful Australian coast-line for granted but in this case distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder. Luckily the beautiful (although not quite a warm) Californian coast especially in Malibu will make up for a lost Australian summer over the coming months. This series of looks at the beach have definitely got me thinking about what I want to be wearing on the beach this summer. All swimsuits featured throughout this series are available at Shop Bikini Bird here. Check them out and stay tuned for part 2.