(Reformation Leather Shorts (similar), Forever 21 Sandals, Sportsgirl Sweater, Vintage Vestcoat and Belt, Kontraho Rings, Zara Bag (similar).  

So... i'm back. A general lack of life direction has once again led me back to The Koalafornian and to the blogoshpere in general. The community on here is great and I love that documenting my life in this way forces me to actually get out. Case in point, we spent the day yesterday at the La Brea tar pits right by LACMA. I'd recommend it to anyone who had a childhood interest in the ice age/prehistory that bordered on obsession but if thats not your deal the County Museum of Art which is right next door is definitely worth a look. Also check out my friend's rings made right here in LA they're pretty sweet - Kontraho Jewellery .

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  1. i love this pictures, that stone is scary

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