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A few nights ago I was lucky enough to work for the detox market at a 'Fall make-up' Green Beauty event with the utterly gorgeous (inside and out) NYC based celebrity makeup artist and green beauty advocate Katey Denno. Incidentally she also runs the blog 'The Beauty of It Is', which is an awesome mix of how to's and all you need to know about green beauty. As well as having my makeup done by Katey in a demonstration and handpicking a gift bag of amazing products (see details below), I also learned a tonne about what ingredients we should try to avoid in beauty products to help reduce our overall toxic intake. It is amazing how many drugstore and high-end products are not only cheapened by the use of 'filler' ingredients but also contain substances that are known carcinogens! It is my feeling that we as consumers should be doing our best to boycott products and companies that continue to use these ingredients despite the known risks. 

If you'd like a cheat sheet for what to avoid head on over to The Chalkboard Magazine's Beauty Section or check out this 'Never List' of ingredients to avoid which can be printed out and kept in your purse for everyday reference. Also, if you're in LA I would really recommend heading to The Detox Market on Beverly Boulevard to check out all that they have to offer. They are also offering a site-wide online discount for the next two days so now is a great time to try some green products.

This multi-purpose product is the perfect middleman between cleansing and applying serum as well as delivering a hydration boost when spritzed on the face throughout the day. It contains Bilberry and Neem Leaf which are antibacterial and work to tighten and tone, Fennel Seeds that fight inflammation and Marshmallow Root to brighten, as well as many other natural ingredients for skin rejuvenation. It also smells amazing! 

This super-fine powder is the perfect natural way to combat a shiny T-zone and to reduce the appearance of pores. This powder is so finely milled that it would be impossible to make this product look 'cakey' when dabbed over the top of foundation/BB cream. Most importantly it is paraben and silicone free!    

This shimmering rose gold loose pigment reminds me of 'Naked' Pigment from MAC and is perfect lightly dusted on the centre of the lid for added dimension.  

I've been searching for a kabuki brush for quite a few months now and this one is a great price as well as being vegan and ridiculously soft. The handle is made of bamboo. 

This deliciously scented raw and organic lip balm is formulated with only natural oils such as coconut, sweet almond and jojoba oil for a perfectly moisturised lip. 

It's chocolate with coconut...what's not to love?! 

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