(Lanvin Dress (Similar)

Photographer: Kesler Tran
Model: Me

Picture this - It's 2pm on a hot Los Angeles summer day and we are standing in the desert (on a salt flat actually) about two hours out of the city centre. The car's temperature gauge is reading one hundred and fourteen degrees fahrenheit (45C) and to top it all off we are shooting fall clothing - Lanvin black dresses, tweed skirts and heavy coats. Um....WTF!?!

Despite the considerably less than perfect conditions, I really liked the way the images turned out. There is something so jarring about the desert landscape against the bright blue sky. 
This Lanvin dress, with its timeless cut and interesting detailing on the front hip, is breathtaking and was my favourite piece from the shoot.  

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  1. You look stunning beyond words Anna. The desert landscape is the perfect backdrop for these shots. So amazing x


  2. these photo's are BEAUTIFUL!! looking like a total babe.

  3. SO glad you're back. Mixed your blog's unique mix of high fashion beauty and intelligent dialogue. You're truly one of a kind.

    "dependably relevant". Now, if that isn't the epitome of hitting the nail-on-the-head, I don't know what is. I think every wardrobe should be made up of a majority of "dependably relevant" pieces. Is that the same as classics? Or is there something that differentiates them?

    I have some thoughts . . .

    Welcome back!


    PS: oh, you're also epically beautiful.